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33% for weekly SIP—practically the same It's not always easy to take the measure of a market, whether you've been trading for a day or a decade. For most stock options, there are typically quarterly cycles, monthly cycles, and weekly cycles. Sell puts at a strike price not likely to be reached prior to expiration - my thinking on this is to use a strike price that is one weekly ATR(5) below the current weekly close as the strike price for the next week's weekly options. They behave like monthly options in every respect except they only exist for eight days. Metro's monthly commuter pass (formerly SelectPass) saves you money on  Jan 10, 2019 Electronic Payment Options For Quarter-Monthly (Weekly). An essential part of my plan was to adjust the spread as required by price movement to keep in the profit zone of the P&L curve. Most people who trade monthly options will base their option selling based on probabilities because the options are farther out of the money. As with any investment, then, we must consider reward vs. American style options ca be exercised on or before the expiration date. Divide each of your outstanding debts by four to calculate weekly payments, and increase these payments as your income allows. For example, for the 5-year period between July 2010 and July 2015 (the period of the study), a monthly SIP in the BSE 100 index returned 13. Feb 21, 2019 In contrast to traditional options that expire monthly, these types of options contracts—named "Weeklys" by the Chicago Board Options  Feb 20, 2018 What are the differences with weekly options vs monthly options? What do you need to know for your trading to avoid placing an options trade  Should you use Monthly or Weekly Options? Let this options Greeks guide you in putting on the best trade that fits your outlook for your stock or ETF. We get a lot of questions about weekly covered calls vs monthly covered calls. In this case choosing the option to show data at weekly or monthly level helps. S. When you buy or sell an option contract (controlling 100 shares of stock), you must agree to an expiration date, as part of that contract. Weekly Options Vs Monthly - Us Friendly Regulated Binary Options Brokers NSE to launch weekly options on Nifty index The Misconception:. Here is monthly visitors vs actions for Clicky. When options first started trading in 1973, they were offered in monthly expirations, with each one expiring on the Saturday after the 3rd Friday of the month. Sep 6, 2017 Because each month contains a little more than four weeks, twice a year Biweekly vs. Bi-weekly and bi-monthly paychecks both allow employees to get paid regularly, but there are some slight differences between the two. These Weeklys are based on the index options: SPX, XSP, OEX, and XEO. The best in class  I agree with @Vitamin C that frequency is better, but recognize that another category is needed in your list of options, too, such as "as needed"  Feb 1, 2015 Subjects were dosed weekly for 5 months, receiving continuous T (WK, n = 5; 100 mg T enanthate, im injection), monthly cycled T (MO, n = 7;  Jul 5, 2017 Today, planning options have gone way beyond a written list: There are weekly planners and monthly planners, available in hard copy, PDF or  May 1, 2019 Monthly vs Yearly Membership Fees FT . The most popular payment options are monthly, bi-weekly, and accelerated bi-weekly. Weekly vs. Form 2414W (Revised 01-2019). Screening for Weekly Options. Today there is more volume on weekly options than on the monthly options. In Canada, you can choose from five different mortgage payment options: monthly, bi-weekly, accelerated bi-weekly, weekly, or accelerated weekly. With our help you can lower monthly payments. The system only trades two days a week. For example: SPX monthly options are AM settled, where the weeklies are PM settled. If conditions are optimal and the system gives a signal to trade, a credit spread position is initiated on weekly options that expire in the next few days. You can use Born To Sell to screen for weekly options, same as you do for monthly options. While the advantages and disadvantages of monthly covered call writing programs have been explored extensively over the last decade (see Callan Buy Write Index Study, Russell Buy-Write Study, Finding Alpha via Covered Index Writing), the introduction of weekly options in the mix provides investors with an opportunity to potentially yield The price of the option or value of the option is referred to as the premium. With $15K in capital, you would buy 150 of these spreads. Semi-monthly Check: Remember that a bicycle has two wheels, and something that happens bi-weekly happens once every two weeks. risk, and the   Sep 29, 2015 options for greater flexibility. Expert weekly options trading alerts, proven strategies for today’s markets. Investors come a variety of flavors. 26 percent. After all, options traders use different options for different reasons. Stock options, derivatives of the underlying equity, are the focus from the weekly options list. Option Expiration Date; Definition of Weekly Options. Combining the two would just add to the confusion. Our proven, proprietary weekly option trading system takes the guesswork out of option trading. The best day of the week to enter your trades for best results. Option Contracts Options trade in contracts. Weekly options were initially launched by the Given a time frame of five weeks, if weekly options could be sold at $1. 95 Trade Options Weekly monthly subscription cost ($37. We get a lot of questions about weekly covered calls vs monthly covered weekly option features vs monthly options. wyattresearch. If the regular monthly expiration is three weeks away, then investors would most likely see weekly, weekly, monthly, weekly and weekly expirations listed over a five-week period. Call today! Nov 9, 2016 Common time granularities are annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. own a better option than refinancing to save money paid to interest, or should this be done in † MSCI Weekly options will initially have 2 weekly expiries, then 3; thenceforth, Cboe Options Exchange will continue to list new MXEA and MXEF Friday-Expiring Weekly options, generally on Thursday, to maintain four weekly expirations in addition to the monthly expiration. Husband and father of four, Nathan Bear joined the Raging Bull family after losing for 3 years in the market. would the 2 different options have the same price behavior and would the greeks also have similar activity ? Or would one be more efficient and profitable ? Monthly or Weekly Options? To summarize, if you are expecting a quick move in the stock or ETF then the weekly options will give you the best potential for a home run play. 5) your best case profit would be $244. Bi-weekly vs. Monthly Contacts The options can be overwhelming. This calculator will help you to compare the costs between a loan that is paid off on a bi-weekly payment basis and a loan that is paid off on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, but predictable, most traders use them for pure speculation. . Option weeklys provide an opportunity for traders and investors alike. October 16, 2018 by [email protected] Download My Selling Weekly Options Strategy Guide [email protected] October However, 30 days continuous wear is not suitable for all people. Withholding Tax Filers . 3. In the first years of your mortgage, especially if you got a  Nov 2, 2018 Most residential mortgages require a monthly payment, resulting is the advantage of paying your mortgages bi-weekly instead of monthly? Jan 22, 2015 Bi-monthly mortgage payments may not be something your lender However, some lenders offer different payment options: bimonthly and  This program is implemented by dividing your monthly mortgage payment in half and mortgage payoff using a method called Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments. Weekly Mortgage Payments Vs. Monthly Statistics Report for Equity Options — June 2019. 32% versus 13. 1, Weekly vs Monthly. With the first two options, employees are respectively paid once per week and once every two weeks. As most of you know, I mostly deal with high-probability options selling strategies. May traders who are excited about […] Trading Weekly Options – How to Earn 14. 755K. Weekly and quarterly options are similar to standard option contracts in most respects, except for one major difference: their expiration date. Under the Quarterly Program, an Options Exchange may list Quarterly Options Series (series that expire at the close of business on the last business day of the calendar quarter) for up to five (5) currently listed option classes that are either Index Options or options on Exchange Traded Funds ("ETF"). The use of weekly options instead of monthly options significantly accelerates the time decay in your favor. This Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculator makes the math easy. Although any product with weekly expirations can be part of the extended weekly program, the exchanges will typically select the most actively traded options. I assumed  Jul 20, 2015 A new source of potential bias in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is described. Mar 20, 2016 An Analysis of Index Option Writing with Monthly and Weekly Rollover lower as well, 10. History of Weekly Options. Each report is available in CSV and TXT formats. As the buyer or seller of an option, you can choose which expiration cycle you would like to invest in. The one thing you must do before you ever enter an order. This table helps homebuyers explore their mortgage options. A quick look at the options board showed the weekly 210 strike option, having 4 days of life left and consisting entirely of time (extrinsic) premium, was trading at a volatility of 42. Using short deltas of 10, you can see that the risk/return profile of a weekly and monthly iron condor are fairly similar. Option 1: Quarter-Monthly  Jun 12, 2014 We hope these options help keep your accountant happy. Other options could include weekly or monthly webinars, regular group calls, or other activities that  MPR over 1 year was 38. If you are interested, discuss this option with your eye doctor. So, the benefit of having a new and growing market of We have found that the Investor’s Business Daily Top 50 List has been a reliable source of stocks that are likely to move higher in the short run. How much you pay and how often you pay it depends on which mortgage payment frequency option you choose. One of the most common is as follows: what are the advantages of weekly payroll when compared to monthly payroll? You may think that these options are one in the same, with the only exception being that weekly payroll means more paychecks are issued. Annual and Table 1: meaning of granularity versus frequency . That brings us to options on futures, more specifically weekly options on futures. Over a year, you will pay considerably more toward your mortgage than if you pay monthly. Choose the loan payment plan that fits your needs the best with AutoPayPlus. Monthly Options' . O), the largest U. Mike & Nick have discussed why we choose monthly expirations before, but this time they address a few scenarios where they would consider weekly expirations - as long as the slippage is minimal and the liquidity is there, there can be opportunities in weekly expirations. For example, for option income traders (meaning you sell options for premium credit) you should be more aware of where a stock is on a chart when you trade weekly options vs. I’ve written about Weekly Options before as they have become more popular for use with certain popular options trading strategies but one great way to use them is with covered call writing. Assuming commission costs of $18 (eoption. Weekly and monthly options have different pros and cons to carefully consider before making a decision. How to pick the best stock to use for weekly income trades. large-cap market using the leading How much you pay and how often you pay it depends on which mortgage payment frequency option you choose. My trade plan was to buy the May monthly option series which had 18 days of life remaining and sell the weekly options, an option series with only 4 days of life remaining when the trade sequence was started. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. A biweekly payment means that you send in half of your monthly mortgage payment every 2 weeks instead of the full payment once a month. Tags: AAPL, Bullish Options strategies, Credit Spreads, Terry's Tips, Weekly Options, Weekly vs. M. Already an options pro? Use our comprehensive options screener and join discussion groups with other options traders. -settled options). monthly mortgage payments. Now you can choose the level at which you want to show the data in the chart – daily, monthly, weekly. This calculator, one of the Loan Calculators in the Personal Finance Calculators section, is designed to help answer the question, "How much will I save making biweekly payments instead of monthly payments?" A quick look at the options board showed the weekly 210 strike option, having 4 days of life left and consisting entirely of time (extrinsic) premium, was trading at a volatility of 42. They require simple cleaning and disinfection between uses and are removed at nighttime. The basic question is: Which is best? And then, once duration has been established, the next question is usually about Moneyness: Which is best, in-the-money or out-of-the-money? Everything Is Relative. . October 2005 - Weekly Options, first introduced by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE. June Sees One Of Largest Monthly Inflows. Bi-Weekly Vs. This way, consumers feel more in control of their options, but the company stands to improve both its cash flow and revenue stream by combining both options. Keywords: put writing indexes, weekly options, implied and realized volatilities. 6%. If your mortgage is $1,600 per month, you will pay $400 a week. Aug 7, 2018 Canstar explains how to choose between weekly vs monthly with repayment frequency options such as daily, quarterly, semi-annually,  After years of developing “The Monthly Income Machine” (MIM) option technique, credit spread candidates, or employs the optional weekly “Conforming Credit Spreads options' strike prices compared to that of the underlying provides that safety. They are aware that these are two of the most common payroll schedules, and feel that both provide enough benefits to be considered. These weekly options can be employed in various trading strategies to manage both the theta and delta risk associated with options expiration. You’ll also see total interest charges for both plans. The largest ETFs don't always have the most liquid options markets. Why certain stocks give you an advantage. Accounting departments typically prefer semi-monthly payrolls to biweekly payrolls. Read a monthly update about what is going on in CME Group's options complex, EW3, EW3, -, EW3, E-mini S&P 500 Weekly Options Wk 3, US Index, CME  Aug 23, 2018 Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before deciding to invest Should we alter our trading to sell weekly strangles? Feb 21, 2014 Sell options with the highest Theta and watch the money roll in. -settled options) or Thursday (for A. It will figure your interest savings and payoff period for a variety of payment scenarios. People were using this to easily view monthly and weekly summaries of visitors and actions. And finally, you’ll get a dollar amount for total interest savings under a biweekly payment plan. But that’s okay. As I stated in our Bi vs. Instead of the total amount of money you’ll pay, they give you payment amounts. They behave like monthly options in every respect   Jul 1, 2014 1, Weekly vs Monthly. The best modality is daily. Weekly Options vs Monthly Options. Bi-Weekly or Monthly Disposable Contact lenses Most soft contact lenses are replaced on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. About the bi-weekly mortgage payment program, and whether it's an effective way to own your home faster. If you make 52 $400 payments, you will pay $20,800 per year. By selling call options against an existing equity Feb 20, 2018 - What are the differences with weekly options vs monthly options?I recently received this question from a reader: As it relates to credit spreads, does anyone prefer or has had better success with weekly vs monthly expirations? They say around 45 DTE is best for collecting premium, but was wondering specifically for spreads if weekly’s could be profitable as well as consistent. Biweekly vs Monthly Loan Calculator. We find that unit value (average) prices, commonly used for  Monthly Passes are for the exclusive use of the purchaser and are not transferable. Dividing your monthly house payment into weekly mortgage payments may not add up to much. 9% Returns on Every 7 Da… www. Options Strategies Weekly / 5 Biotech Options to Buy Right Now. Monthly Options, William Tell Posted in AAPL, Stock Option Trading Idea Of The Week, Stock Options Strategies, STUDD Strategy: Short Term Under-Intrinsic Double Diagonal, Terry's Tips Portfolios, Weekly Options | No Comments » In 2005, 32 years after introducing the call option, the CBOE began a pilot program with weekly options. Before discussing the various trading strategies It has been shown statistically, over the long run, that most traders lose money when only buying monthly options. Weekly options expiration occurs each Friday of the week. So you should still learn the difference between bi-weekly and semi-monthly. The number of pay periods and the hourly rate reflect Weekly Payment Loan Calculator -- Make loan payments every week. Download My Selling Weekly Options Strategy Guide. Weekly options are one of the fastest growing products and can be Contrast this with a classic monthly option trader who is taking on 30 to. In June of 2017 we ceased operation at Friday Option Trader and have transitioned all our members to our premiere service, SPX Option Trader. Last week I suggested buying a SPY Weekly strangle to take advantage of the unusually low  Sep 13, 2018 As a reminder, weekly options operate much like a regular "monthly" trading approach that utilized options with 7 days-to-expiration vs. For stocks/etfs that are optionable, is there a way to determine if they offer weekly or only monthly options without having to look at the option chain? I believe all optionable stocks/etfs have monthly options that expire on the 3rd Friday of the month so that would not be too hard to determine. Aug 27, 2012 Posts Tagged 'Weekly vs. Every now and then, though, a month might have five Wednesdays and the meeting might fall on the first, third, and fifth Wednesdays. No problem! Simply go to the desired time frame and wait for the price to get to the support or resistance level that you drew on the weekly/monthly chart. These options offer greater access, flexibility and precision for trading the U. A Step-by-step “Walk Through” of a weekly income trade. Monthly Loan Calculator. With the latter two, employees are respectively compensated twice per month and once per month. Weekly options expire on the Friday of every week that isn't a standard expiration week and the last day to trade them is either that Friday (for P. Setting a Discount for Weekly/Monthly or Custom Weeks/Months: A I just want to make sure I'm giving guests the proper price based on my options. Early on, you will be faced with many questions. Instead of monthly payments, they advertise bi-weekly payments. On this segment we look under the hood—options probabilities, volatility, trading strategies, futures, you name it—so your trading mechanics are built to manage more winners. 9% while the September monthly option I would buy had a volatility of 41. This is 67% greater than the monthly option and, apparently, the clear winner. Differences Between Weekly & Monthly Options. It is a more aggressive way of taking the trade. Weekly options have become a stalwart among options traders. in the first week of every month versus the last week of the month? Accelerated weekly and accelerated bi-weekly payment options are calculated by taking a monthly payment schedule and assuming only four weeks in a month. By selling call options against an existing equity Feb 20, 2018 - What are the differences with weekly options vs monthly options?I recently received this question from a reader: Paying down debt weekly instead of monthly helps many people budget more easily, particularly those whose income fluctuates such as independent contractors. The date when an option is no longer active is called the expiration date. com), and factoring in one fourth of your $149. This calculator sets the bi-weekly payments to half of the monthly payment, which creates the equivalent of a 13th monthly payment each year, which quickly reduces the loan balance. 30, Weekly Options Screener. 5 and your worst case loss would be $14. In this option chain with Ally Invest, weekly options are indicated with a “(W)”. Most online brokers clearly highlight which options are weekly and which options are monthly. Are Weekly Options Better Than Monthly Options? Likewise, a big rally will put both the weekly and monthly to parity, so again, the bigger dollar premium you took in for the monthly works in For some, such as index options, it is best to lookup the source and determine the specific differences. How to tilt the rules in your favor for FAST results. Weekly Options are just like regular monthly options except that they expire every Friday instead of every month. com covers his system day trading weekly options and gives us an overview of the do's and the do nots. Biweekly Mortgage Payments Explained. The decision between weekly and monthly call options is a little more nuanced than the popularity of each option. Quarterly Options. In contrast to traditional options that expire monthly, these types of options contracts—named "Weeklys" by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)—may be particularly attractive for short Weekly mortgage payments mean you will pay a quarter of the monthly amount due each week. Let’s take a look at a weekly and monthly iron condor and talk about the differences. Your eye  Dec 11, 2016 A clock and calendar representing bi-weekly vs semi-monthly Many companies narrow their options down to bi-weekly and monthly payroll. That distinction is very important if you hold/trade the option near expiration! Option Expiration Date; Definition of Weekly Options. Suppose you have drawn lines on the weekly and monthly chart but you still wish to take shorter expires rather than the 3-5 weeks mentioned above. The whole idea behind bi-weekly car payments is to do whatever it takes to lower the amount of acquisition in your head. Gold DT, Trinh H, Safi W (2009) Weekly versus monthly drug regimens:  Consistent prepayment on your mortgage saves you considerable money over the life of the loan. The Cornea is the only organ of the body without a blood supply. I recommend you use the weekly chart inputs for long term situations since the signals to get in or out are going to come much more slowly than with daily charts. For many, that means selling weekly credit spreads and iron condors. 7 % for daily, weekly, and monthly BPs ( P are able to select from diverse options to ensure better adherence to BP therapy. European style option can only be exercised on the expiration date a. For a number of reasons biweekly and weekly payrolls are more Best way to trade options for income. 85 million in just 3 years. It goes without saying that your payroll company is capable of handling any schedule, including bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, and semi-monthly. Day Trading with Weekly Options Jerremy Alexander Newsome of reallifetrading. monthly options. options market, which are one-week options as opposed to traditional options that have a life of months or years before expiration. 35. Weekly and end-of-month (EOM) options on futures provide European-style alternatives that complement our existing American-style options on standard and E-mini S&P 500 futures. Whereas a biweekly payroll carries over into the next year, the end of a semi-monthly pay period usually matches with the end of the month, which is ideal for year-end processing. For HR teams, these same qualities make weekly pay cycles a While choosing one of the latter options might be easier for your HR  Jan 19, 2017 We explain how to choose between weekly vs monthly mortgage All of the available repayment frequency options are very easy to organise  Mar 28, 2017 I'm in total agreement with the ability to view the scheduling options either weekly or monthly to include the available times instead of  Metro offers a range of daily, weekly, and monthly unlimited passes to fit your life. Never before has there been a way to generate positive returns in the market using weekly options. Although you will manually run most of the daily, weekly, and monthly reports in. Why - because the lens is thinner and therefore lets more oxygen through to the Cornea. 6, and 77. Many companies narrow their options down to bi-weekly and monthly payroll. Semi (weekly/monthly/annually) blog, the terms semiannual and biannual can cause tremendous confusion. 47 per week, they would total $7. The word quarterly is clear and uncomplicated. Companies often create monthly financial reports. The bi-weekly vs monthly mortgage payment calculator gives an estimate of the interest payments you can save by paying off your loan using the bi-weekly option. com Weekly debt payments reduce your debt faster than monthly payments if you make a payment every week of the year, which equates to 52 payments. If you simply enter the terms for a new home loan into the weekly mortgage payment calculator, you will note that you may only save a couple of hundred dollars by choosing to repay the home loan using weekly mortgage payments vs. As ever Choose to have funds transfered weekly or monthly in the dashboard. The question of when to make your payroll deposits is determined by a few factors. If you take the monthly payment and divide it by four, it takes 48 weekly payments to cover the payments for a year. Companies in this position may want to consider offering numerous billing options that would include a reduced rate for annual payments and a higher rate for monthly payments. Let’s take a look and see if this is an option and how it might work. Don’t get me wrong, weekly condors can be great, provided you know what you are getting yourself in for. Free, fast and easy to use online! For example, for option income traders (meaning you sell options for premium credit) you should be more aware of where a stock is on a chart when you trade weekly options vs. Weekly Options for Covered Calls. You can make biweekly payments instead of monthly payments, and you can make additional principal payments to see how that also accelerates your payoff. In 2005, 32 years after introducing the call option, the CBOE began a pilot program with weekly options. You can click on the refinance button to switch away from purchase loans to refinancing options & other loan features are included in the filter section which let you change the loan amount, the home's location, the downpayment on the home, the loan term & more. If you want a more conservative trade that gives you more time to be right then the monthly options will be best. What determines if you are a bi-weekly or monthly payroll depositor? One of the many payroll obligations an employer has is the requirement to make payroll tax deposits. Monthly Loan Calculator on your website you have one of two options: Option #1: You can install the calculator for   DESCRIPTION THE MONTHLY INCOME MACHINE:Newly expanded 4th edition | 2018 Credit Spread Online Options Trading Weekly Income SECRETS! Now I need to create Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly views. Gold Hits 6 Year High, ETF Investors Yawn ‘SKYY’ Leads Weekly Inflows To $29B. Weekly mortgage payments mean you will pay a quarter of the monthly amount due each week. We also offer a biweekly mortgage calculator. Overall, the growth in weekly options can provide a richer strategy platform that should not be overlooked. Sometimes data at the daily level can be too noisy to show trends or performance over a longer period of time like three or six months. Analysis, plus today's live mortgage rates. Quarterly options expire the last business day of each calendar quarter. He successfully turned $37,525 into $1. Cognos, there are some that  Review multiple loan payment plan options. drop down menu within each dashboard module now has two new options: weekly, and monthly. Traditionally, employers pay employees weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly. Weekly options are the same as monthly options except that they expire every Friday, not just on the Saturday after the 3rd Friday like monthly options. Weekly Options If you bought a monthly call on a Monday with expiry on that Friday and also bought the same strike and the same security with a weekly option on the same Monday. If so, there's a different kind of options contract that may help you take advantage of market events more efficiently—options that expire weekly. Monthly. To screen weeklys, login and go to your For example, you may have considered making biweekly payments rather than monthly payments. Explore Great Mortgage Options. an  In this article, we will answer the first question by taking a detailed look into the pros and cons of weekly versus monthly covered call options, as well as how to  A guide to help you choose between daily, weekly and monthly contact lenses. If you would like to install the Bi-Weekly Vs. 6, 70. There are valid options highlighted here, thank you for sharing. He now teaches and trades options in Weekly Money Multiplier. That creates a whole different chart. 16 percent versus the S&P 500 Index's 15. Net delta is also pretty As it relates to credit spreads, does anyone prefer or has had better success with weekly vs monthly expirations? They say around 45 DTE is best for collecting premium, but was wondering specifically for spreads if weekly’s could be profitable as well as consistent. The stock picking alternative Never bought options? Learn how. Our unique weekly Options strategies can bring in over 43% return per day, over 200% return per week, over 860% return per month!. Recent additions to the list might be particularly good choices for this strategy, and deletions might be good indicators for exiting a position that you might already have on that stock. Bi Weekly Vs Monthly Mortgage Payments - We offer to refinance your mortgage payments online today to save up on the interest rate or pay off your loan sooner. Monthly statistics reports are available for up to two  Mar 15, 2018 You can earn additional income without using dividends by turning your attention to the options pits. Monthly Passes are valid until noon on the first business day of the following . Here's how. However, 30 days continuous wear is not suitable for all people. At first glance you might think that weekly options would be extremely risky due to their short expiration, but let’s consider them for another purpose, day trading and short term swing trading using the ES weekly options. Virtually every popular stock, like AAPL, TSLA, NFLX, and SNAP have weekly options. When you shift from daily to weekly charts, the inputs change from days (8 days, 17 days, 9 days) to weeks (8 weeks, 17 weeks, 9 weeks). options weekly vs monthly

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